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Leeshe platform is a platform created in the year 2003 in the United States by John Bonger Jnr, as a life changing forum. The invariable nature of the core attracted it to Canada in the year 2005 and extended to South Africa in the year 2009. Leeshe investment has gained grounds in over 15 country's worldwide and has been in existence in Africa for over 12 years. South Africa was the first African nation to benefit from the platform and other African country's include, Ghana, Togo, Ethiopia, Egypt, and others. The platform has been in existence in nigeria since the year 2015. The testimonies of the declassed in nigeria about leeshe platform has not been comparable to any other platforms.They said whealth is for the whealthy but in Leeshe platform, we say whealth is for the needy...


A lot of people has been scared of investing online yet they pray without season. Economically, financial freedom has been made knownly clear to all that it doesn't work out easily without team work. In Leeshe platform, you don't need to refer anyone before making money. Get multiplied 3x of your investment within five to ten days of investing.Your friend said that his friend said that the road is very bad, that's why you didn't attend your friends wedding.Atomistically the poor quite, holistically the Rich wins.